13 Dec

Sentencing Guidelines for Cannabis Possession in Arizona


As you most likely know, the use of marijuana for health care factors has been authorized by Arizona voters. This does not indicate that you have free reign to possess the unlawful drug, nor does it indicate that the state's legislation in opposition to possession have come to be any extra lenient.

Ever question what you need to expect if you might be identified to be in possession (not for sale) of marijuana by a member of Arizona's regulation enforcement? Here's a breakdown:

Amount of money --> Severity --> Incarceration --> Fine

  • Fewer than two lbs. --> Misdemeanor or felony --> 6 months - two several years --> $750 - $a hundred and fifty,000
  • two lbs. - four lbs. --> Felony --> Up to two several years --> $750 - $a hundred and fifty,000
  • four lbs. or extra --> Felony --> one 12 months - 3.75 several years --> $750 - $a hundred and fifty,000
  • Near school or bus --> Felony --> Added one 12 months --> $two,000 - $a hundred and fifty,000

If you might be convicted of individual possession or use of marijuana, you are qualified for probation and the courtroom is needed to suspend the imposition or execution of the sentence. Whilst on probation, you need to take part in an correct drug therapy or education and learning system and may well be needed to go to a extra stringent therapy system and serve a single 12 months in jail for a 2nd offense.

If convicted of a 3rd or subsequent offense, you are not qualified for probation. You need to also submit to urine drug assessments as a affliction of your probation. Of class, if you have a health care prescription, and a tiny amount of marijuana, you are exempt from the higher than.

If you have been charged with marijuana possession without the need of a prescription, get hold of a criminal attorney who can reply your queries and convey to you what to expect in courtroom.


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