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Why Use The Verify MC Referral System?

Create business partnerships with dispensaries, wellness clinics, CBD stores and more

How It Works

Create a New Referral and Add a Trackable Coupon Code That Can Be Used on Your Web Widgets

Add the Referrals Information, Logo, Coupon and Coupon Image

Referral Promotes Your Clinic With a Coupon Code That Can Be Used At Your Clinic or on Your Web Widgets

When a Patient Uses Coupon, the Referral’s Information and Coupon is Shown on the Success Page

What Happens When a Referral Code is Used on Your Web Widget?

Your Referral Partner Receives Promotion of Their Brand and Patients Receive a Special Offer From Referral Partner

Patients Can Print Referral Coupon or Send it to Their Phone By SMS

Analyze Referral Code Success By Reviewing Code Usage Reports Online or Create a PDF Reports

See How Verify MC Can Help Your Medical Marijuana Clinic

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