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3 Types of Medical Marijuana Recommendations

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Medical marijuana patient recommendations can be created for standard patients


Caregiver Recommendations

Medical marijuana caregiver recommendations can be created for caregivers of patients


Grower Recommendations

Medical marijuana grower recommendations can be created for patients that grow marijuana


* NOTE: Depending on your state, you may or may not be able to use medical marijuana recommendations.
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How Do Medical Marijuana Recommendations Work?

A medical marijuana recommendation allows a patient to purchase limited amounts of cannabis directly from a dispensary or grower, or possibly even grow a few plants depending on the state. Regarding medical cannabis laws, they are changing constantly, and to confuse matters more, the rules surrounding how medical marijuana recommendations work vary from state to state. For your convenience, we have written a general overview of how medical marijuana recommendations work.

Medical Marijuana Recommendation Details

1. Medical Marijuana Recommendation
It’s called a medical marijuana recommendation (not a prescription) because the federal government’s classification of cannabis as a Schedule I substance prohibits the sale of marijuana from pharmacies.

2. Qualifying Conditions
Qualifying conditions for medical marijuana will vary from state to state. A qualifying condition for your state is required to receive a medical marijuana recommendation. Some states have a wider range of approved conditions that you can treat with cannabis than others, but most approve medical marijuana as a treatment for symptoms of cancer,, AIDS, chronic pain, and anxiety.

3. Availability
Only adults who are at least 18 or 21 years old (depending on your state) can get a standard medical marijuana recommendation. Recommendations can be given be your primary physician that provides you with a written recommendation for medical marijuana, or you can see a doctor that specializes in cannabis-based medicine treatments. Caregiver medical marijuana recommendations are designed for caregivers of minors, seniors and disabled patients. Caregiver recommendations enable caregivers to purchase medical marijuana for the patient.  Also, you should know that the rules for obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation for a minor also vary by state, as some only allow children with a serious condition to use cannabis products that only contain cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound.

4. Your Medical Marijuana Recommendation
With your newly issued medical marijuana recommendation, you can purchase cannabis  from a dispensary or grower depending on the state. Some states do require submission of your recommendation to an online state registry with your recommendation being issued by the state.

5. Purchasing Medical Marijuana
A medical marijuana recommendation allows you to purchase cannabis  from a dispensary or grower. Some states allow medical marijuana grower recommendations that enable patients to grow their own marijuana plants.

6. Expiration
Medical marijuana recommendations do not last forever. Your medical marijuana recommendation will typically be good for one year depending on the state. After your recommendation expires  you will need to visit your health care provider again.

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