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For Medical Marijuana Certifications
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A Flexible and Powerful Telehealth System

Telehealth that is Custom Designed For Medical Marijuana

Video Chat

Video chat with your patients form desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones

Capture Medical Records & Files

Optionally set forms to capture medical records, ID, proof of residency and photo

E-sign Forms & Disclaimers

E-sign  forms + disclaimers with i.p. address and date/time stamp


Customize your patient intake form, web widget design, payment options, telehealth options and more

Instant MMJ Rec’s & ID’s

Optionally automate instant medical marijuana patient rec’s and ID cards by email, SMS and download page

Accept Payments

Set custom pricing options and process payments using five different payment options

Hundreds of Different Ways to Customize Verify MC Telehealth

Verify MC’s web widgets feature a robust settings panel to control settings for patient intake form, payments, show/hide elements, upload options, custom, analytics, live chat, disclaimers and more

How Telehealth Web Widget Works For Real-Time Visitors

Patient Completes Custom Web Intake Form

Custom form with e-signature can include custom questions, sections, upload options and settings

Patient Selects Payment Option & Makes Payment

Secure payment online creates a custom branded PDF invoice that is sent to the patient via payment confirmation email and SMS

Patient Video Chats With Physician

Physician can take photo of patient + ID, add notes, view uploads, change patient status to approved and more

If Patient is Approved, They are Redirect to Success Page or Your URL + Automatically Sent Approval Email & SMS

* Optionally Add Instant Patient Rec Download Link to the Success Page
* Optionally Attach Patient Rec to the Automated Approval Email & SMS

Patients Can Book Appointments When Physicians Are Not Available

Verify MC can direct patients to schedule an appointment if there are no physicians available to video chat

Telehealth Automation, Works Like Magic Behind The Scenes

Verify MC’s Software Automatically Does The Functions Below For You

  • Send Custom approval email*
  • Send Custom approval SMS*
  • Send payment confirmation email*
  • Send payment confirmation SMS*
  • Attach recommendation to approval email*
  • Attach recommendation to approval SMS*
  • Instant physician signed recommendation download*
  • Attach custom invoice to payment confirmation email
  • Attach custom invoice to payment confirmation SMS
  • Set custom days until expiration
  • Change patient’s status to approved

  • Generate PDF of patient form
  • Generate PDF of disclaimers

  • Generate ID plus patient photo PDF’s

* Items with asterisk are optional settings that you can turn on and off

Combine Web Widgets For 6 Ways To Use Telehealth With Appointments

Step 1: Appointment

Step 2: Intake Form + Payment + Video Chat

Step 1: Appointment + Deposit Payment

Step 2: Intake Form + Payment + Video Chat

Step 1: Appointment + Full Payment

Step 2: Intake Form + Video Chat

Step 1: Appointment + Intake Form

Step 2: Payment + Video Chat

Step 1: Appointment + Intake Form + Deposit Payment

Step 2: Payment + Video Chat

Step 1: Appointment + Intake Form + Payment

Step 2: Video Chat

Easy Access For Patients With Automatic Login Links

Appointment Confirmation & Reminder Emails Include “Automatic Login” Links Patients Can Click to Enter the Telehealth System Without a Login or Password

Optimized For All Devices

Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone

Optionally Capture Medical Marijuana Patient Information

Patient forms, medical records, drivers license or ID, patient photo, custom disclaimers and e-signatures

Automatically Create Custom Invoices + Send by Email and SMS

  • Provide patients a PDF paid invoice receipt
  • Custom branding of invoice colors and logo
  • Add custom notes

Set Custom Payment Amount Options and Process Payments

  • Set custom pricing options for telemedicine widget
  • Choose from 5 payment gateways

Automated Custom Email and SMS Text For Approved Patients

  • When patient is approved send custom email
  • When patient is approved send custom SMS

Optionally Automate Patient Recommendation Delivery

  • Add “Instant Download” button to success page
  • Automatically send recommendation by email after approval
  • Automatically send recommendation by SMS after approval

Optionally Book Appointments When Physician is Not Online

  • Manage availability
  • Customize branding of online bookings
  • Customize email and SMS notifications
  • Automated appointment email and SMS reminders

Referral Partner System

How it Works

1. Create coupons for your clinic and referral partner

2. Add referral logo, info, coupon image and coupon info

3. When a patient uses the referral coupon for telemedicine, the referral’s info and coupon is shown on the success page

Learn More

Custom Coupons and Usage Tracking

  • Set expiration date
  • Set by amount or percentage
  • Set custom names for different coupons

Custom Branded Telemedicine Web Page For Patients

Match your video chat page to your brand

This sample is the patients view on step 3 of the “Questionnaire + Payment + Video Chat” web widget

Net Profit Report

Generate Custom Branded Net Profit, Sales and Referral Reports

  • Create and view reports online
  • Download custom branded PDF reports

Daily, weekly, monthly and custom date range:

  • Sales reports
  • Net profit reports
  • Referral reports

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