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What are {Shortcodes}?

{Shortcodes} are text inside { } that can be added to patient recommendations, emails and SMS messages to show dynamic content or enable patients to automatically login with no email or password to complete forms or video chat

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Patient {Shortcodes}

Patient Name {PatientName}
Patient First Name {PatientFirstName}
Patient Last Name {PatientLastName}
Patient Phone {PatientPhone}
Patient Email {PatientEmail}
Patient User Name {UserName}
Patient Password {Password}
Patient Login {LoginURL}
Patient Initial Visit {InitialVisit}
Patient Source {Source}
Patient Expiration {ExpireDate}

Doctor and Clinic {Shortcodes}

Clinic Email {ClinicEmail}
Clinic Phone {ClinicPhone}
Clinic Address {ClinicAddress}
Clinic Name {ClinicName}
Doctor Name {DoctorName}
Doctor License# {DoctorLicense}
Doctor Profile Image {DoctorPhoto}
Staff Member Name {StaffUserName}
Get Directions: {GetDirections}
Back to Website Link {BacktoWebsite}

Other {Shortcodes}

Medical Marijuana State Code {StateCode}

Automatic Login {Shortcodes}

These short codes can be added to system/custom emails/SMS messages sent to existing patients and will automatically log the patient in to complete forms, book appointments etc…

Appointment {Appointment}
Appointment + Pay {AppointmentPayment}
Upload ID {UploadID}
Upload Files + Medical Records {UploadFiles}
Patient Portal Login
Patient Form
Patient Feedback Form {FeedbackURL}
Payment Link {PaymentLink}
Medical Marijuana Consent Form {MedicalMarijuanaConsent}
Medical Marijuana Smokable Flower Consent Form {SmokableConsent}
Questionnaire + Appointment {QuestAppointment}
Questionaire + Video Chat + Payment Widget {VideoCall}
Video Call Direct {VideoChatRoom}
Patient Qualifying Conditions {QualifyingConditions}

Appointment {Shortcodes}

Appointment Date {Date}
Appointment Time {Time}
Appointment {Appointment}
Reschedule Appointment {RescheduleAppointment}
Appointment Category {AppointmentCategory}
Add to Calendar {Calendar}
Link to Appointment Email {AppointmentEmail}

Payment and Invoice {Shortcodes}

Invoice # {InvoiceNumber}
Payment Link {PaymentLink}
Amount Due {AmountDue}
Invoice Payment Method {PaymentMethod}
Patient Source {Source}

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