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Verify MC Offers Marketing Tools and Reporting to Analyze Your Marketing ROI







Create Unlimited Coupons by Percentage or Dollar Amount

  • Coupons can be applied on any widget
  • Coupons can be applied inside Verify MC software
  • Add Coupon expiration dates

Coupon Usage Reports

  • View coupon usage reports online
  • Generate custom coupon usage reports

Referral System

Build Relationships With Vendors

Enables the referring company to promote a special offer on your web widget success pages

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Mailchimp Integration

Connect Mailchimp to Automatically Add Patients to Your Marketing List

  • Connect to any of your Mailchimp marketing lists
  • Patients are automatically added to your Mailchimp marketing list

Patient Remarketing

Automated Follow Up Emails and SMS Alerts To Patients Who Do Not Complete Web Widgets

When a patient starts but does not complete a web widget, you can set a custom automated follow up email to be sent back to the patient with a link that enables them to complete the web widget they started

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