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Patient Check-in and Forms
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What Are Office Widgets?

Use office widgets on an office tablet, computer or patients phone to check-in and complete forms

Widgets are DESIGNED FOR YOUR OFFICE and AUTOMATICALLY REFRESH when completed so it’s ready for the next patient

Patient Questionnaire Office Widget

  • Automatic refresh when patient is completed
  • Optionally capture drivers license/ID and photo
  • Optionally capture medical records
  • Optionally add disclaimers that create e-signed PDF

Patient Medical Marijuana Consent Office Widget

  • 29 sections relating medical marijuana consent
  • Save initials and add initials to each paragraph
  • E-signature with date and time stamp
  • Show or hide medical conditions

Patient Check-In Office Widget

  • Patient enters phone number for office check-ins
  • Optionally send SMS alert to staff and physician
  • Updates patient with time stamp in clinic’s check-in

Patient Check-In and Check-Out Office Widget (For Clinics)

  • Time stamped check-in and check-out
  • Optionally send SMS alert to physician
  • Create custom recommendation at check-out

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