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Online MMJ (Medical Marijuana) Forms

Six different forms designed specifically for medical marijuana patient management

All Online MMJ Forms Automatically Create an eSigned PDF

Medical Marijuana
Patient Questionnaire

Medical Marijuana Patient Intake Questionnaire

This customizable form is designed for a new medical marijuana patient and automatically creates a “pending” patient in the software

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Medical Marijuana
Patient Consent

The medical marijuana consent form requires a patient to review and initial 20+ paragraphs regarding medical marijuana laws and information

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Medical Marijuana
Patient Sign Off

This form enable the physician to officially sign off a patient for medical marijuana and includes date/time stamp. notes, attachments and signature

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Medical Marijuana
Patient Clinical Visit

This form is designed for follow up visits with an existing medical marijuana patient and includes state based qualifying conditions

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Medical Marijuana
Recommended Dosage

This form is designed for the physician to recommend a patient’s medical marijuana dosage quantity, frequency and delivery method

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Medical Marijuana
Usage Evaluation

This form documents the patient’s usage of medical marijuana including quantity, frequency, side effects and efficacy

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Additional Features of MMJ Forms

Patient Questionnaire Forms Show Your State’s Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

All patient intake forms have a medical marijuana qualifying conditions section that automatically changes to show your state’s medical marijuana qualifying conditions.

Automatic PDF Generation for All Digital Forms

All forms automatically generate a PDF that is posted into the patient’s file section of the EMR

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Patient questionnaire
Medical marijuana consent

Patient follow up
Patient feedback

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