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Medical Marijuana EMR System
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EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Solution For Medical Marijuana

A Powerful EMR Designed Specifically for Managing Medical Marijuana Patients

Medical Records & Files

Manage all of your patient’s medical records, forms and uploaded files

10 Forms + Form Builder

10 forms and form builder provide tools you need for a medical marijuana clinic


E-signatures are added to all forms with i.p. address and date/time stamp

MMJ Rec’s & ID’s

Create medical marijuana patient recommendations and ID cards

Patient Verification

3 types of patient verification including phone, online, and QR code

Patient Portal

Patients have 24/7 access to portal with account information and downloads

Manage Medical Marijuana Patient Information, Files, Medical Records, Appointments, Invoices & More

Securely manage patient information, medical records, state logins, notes, patient history, appointments, invoices, patient recommendations, patient ID cards, and more on Verify MC’s HIPAA compliant medical marijuana software

Add Patients to EMR With Custom Intake Form or in Verify MC

Combine Intake Form With Appointment Scheduling, Telehealth and Payments Via Web Widgets

Patient Intake Web Form Features

  • Custom settings
  • Create custom questions
  • Add upload options for ID, medical records etc.
  • Add custom disclaimers
  • Show/hide questions and sections
  • Add live chat support
  • Custom styling
  • Add analytics tracking code
  • Custom success page
  • And more

8 MMJ (Medical Marijuana) Forms + 2 Standard Medical Forms

Patient Forms Can Be Completed in Person or Sent by Email and SMS for Patients to Complete Online

  • MMJ Patient Intake
  • MMJ Sign Off
  • MMJ Consent
  • MMJ Smokable Consent
  • MMJ Follow Up
  • MMJ Conditions
  • MMJ Dosage
  • MMJ Patient Feedback
  • Physical Exam
  • Clinical Visit

* Forms automatically create PDF’s and add it to patient’s EMR

Automated Patient Expiration Alerts, Follow Up Forms & Feedback Forms Sent by Email & SMS Text

Automatically send your medical marijuana patients up to three emails and one SMS alert for expiration notifications. Email and SMS expiration alerts are 100% customizable. Additionally you can customize the delivery times of the email and SMS reminder alerts.

Custom MMJ Patient ID Cards & Recommendations in 1-Click

Create standard medical marijuana recommendations and ID cards with 1-click that include 3 types of verification – phone, online and QR code

* Forms automatically create PDF’s and add it to patient’s EMR

Secure Patient Portal

24/7 online access for patients to manage appointments, view & pay invoices fill out forms, view doctor info, send email and more – optimized for all devices

What Can You Add & Manage in Verify MC’s EMR?

  • Patient Info
  • Patient Photo
  • Patient ID
  • Uploaded Files
  • Form Files
  • Faxes
  • Patient Intake Forms
  • MMJ Consent Forms
  • MMJ Smokable Consent Forms
  • MMJ Qualifying Condition Forms
  • MMJ Dosage Forms
  • Follow Up Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Clinical Visit Forms
  • Physical Exam Forms
  • Physician Information
  • Physician Sign Off Forms
  • Patient Notes
  • Patient Status
  • Patient Checklist
  • Invoices
  • Appointments
  • Expiration Date
  • State Cert Date
  • State Login
  • MMU #
  • MMJ Rec Type
  • Primary Caregiver
  • Referred By
  • Referred To

EMR Tour & Screenshots

Featuring 21 Different Sections – EMR Seamlessly Integrates With Other Verify MC Applications

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Patient Overview & Checklist

View and edit patient info and create a checklist

Medical Records & Uploads

Add and manage medical records, files and form PDF’s

Drivers License Or ID

View and upload (or take photo) of patient driver license or ID


Add and manage patient invoices and view totals


Add and manage appointments and view history

Contact (Email & SMS)

Contact patient with system or custom emails and SMS

Email Scheduler

Schedule custom emails and view delivered emails

SMS Scheduler

Schedule custom SMS messages and view delivered messages


View patient history with date, time, staff and description


Add and manage multi-threaded notes with staff tracking

MMJ Patient Intake

Add and manage patient intake forms + send by email or SMS

MMJ Sign Off

Add and manage patient sign off, includes physician signature

MMJ Consent

Add and manage medical marijuana consent forms + send by email or SMS

MMJ Smokable Flower Consent

Add and manage smokable flower consent forms + send by email or SMS

MMJ Patient Follow Up

Add and manage patient follow up forms + send by email or SMS

MMJ Conditions

Add and manage qualifying condition forms + send by email or SMS

MMJ Dosage

Add and manage recommended dosage forms, includes physician signature

Clinical Visits

Add and manage clinical visit forms, includes physician signature

Physical Exams

Add and manage physical exam forms, includes physician signature

Patient Feedback

Add and manage patient feedback forms + send by email or SMS

Caregiver Recommendations

Add and manage patient caregiver recommendations

Optimized for All Devices

Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone

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