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To Ask How Medical Marijuana is Working
Free Trial Automated Follow Up

Automatically Send Follow Up Questionnaires to Your Patients by Email + SMS For Them to Give Feedback on Their Medical Marijuana Usage

The Form Automatically Creates A PDF of The Form Results and Adds it to The Patient’s EMR Profile

Patient Follow Up Email & SMS Include a Questionnaire Form

The form includes questions about the patient’s Medical Marijuana and CBD usage (See CBD questions below)

  • How do you take your CBD?
  • When do you take your CBD?
  • Do you feel that hemp derived CBD products improve your symptoms/ailments for the diagnosis you came into see the doctor about?
  • Select any side effects you experience when consuming CBD?
  • Has CBD helped with medical issues that you used to manage with medications (e.g painkillers, sleeping aids, or mood stabilizers)?
  • Has your hemp CBD had a positive or negative impact on the following: (Check if Applicable)
  • Select impact on energy level:
  • Select impact on mood:
  • Select impact on comfort level:
  • Do you take any MMJ (Medical Marijuana) products?

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