Technology Partners & Integrations

Armor provides our ultra-secure, HIPAA compliant hosting and is one of the best in the industry
SendGrid sends our email and is a leader in email delivery with clients like Uber, Spotify and Air BnB
We integrate with Twilio to deliver reliable SMS text messaging, phone numbers and MMS messages
VERIFY MC's Video Chat Software is powered by Google's powerful WebRTC technology
Using Google's API we generate maps and unique QR codes for every patient
Our integration with Magtek ID card readers makes it easy to add accurate patient data
Seamless integration with PayPal Pro to quickly add payments to invoices and telehealth patients
Seamless integration with Stripe accounts to quickly add payments for telehealth patients
Our app is built on Twitters "mobile first" responsive technology for optimum user experience
Coded with {less}, a dynamic stylesheet pre-processor that increases web application speeds
Our analytics use Highcharts, a visual display system for showing analytics with pies, charts, etc...
420 Telesoft is a partner with VERIFY MC and provides the technology for telehealth

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