Medical marijuana patient ID cards just added to Verify MC’s medical cannabis doctor software

We are proud to announce dynamically generated medical marijuana patient ID cards to our software. the medical cannabis patient ID cards have been one of the most requested features from our customers so we have developed an innovative medical marijuana ID card generation system. The medical marijuana doctor can now instantly select a medical cannabis patient from the software then select “create a medical marijuana patient ID Card” and our software system will dynamically add the patient’s information, the physician’s information and verification info.

Medical marijuana patient ID cards are also customizable

The medical marijuana doctor can change the color, add their signature and more to the ID cards. The medical cannabis patient ID car also includes the cannabis patients name, DOB, patient and patient ID number as well as the medical marijuana doctors name, license number, signature and patient verification link. Verify MC medical marijuana patient ID cards are easy to generate and every cannabis patient has one included in our software. Medical marijuana doctors can easily generate patient ID Cards and they are compatible to be printed on most major brands plastic ID card printers. Medical marijuana patient ID cards are a great way to offer another level of protection medical cannabis patients.

Medical Marijuana Patient ID Cards

Medical marijuana patient ID cards include online patient verification

The medical cannabis patient ID cards include web based patient verification. Medical marijuana dispensaries and law enforcement can verify cannabis patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by going online to or by adding a medical marijuana patient verification website widget to their own site.

If are a medical marijuana doctor and would like to learn more about Verify MC’s software that includesmedical marijuana patient id cards. Click here to learn more about medical marijuana patient ID Cards. If you are interested in generating your own medical marijuana software and you are a cannabis physician you can also sign up for our free trial online by clicking here for free trial.