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Gateways & Create Custom Reports
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Choose From 5 Different Payment Gateways

Process payments with your,,, or account

11 Ways to Process and Accept Payments


Adding Invoices


Adding Appointments


Email Payment Link


SMS Payment Link


Unique QR Code


Custom Payment Page

07 – 11 | Web Widgets

Web widgets enable your patients to make payments online in multiple ways – see options below

07 Appointment + Payment

08 Questionnaire + Payment

09 Questionnaire + Appointment + Payment

10 Payment + Telehealth

11 Questionnaire + Payment + Telehealth

All Payments Create a Custom PDF Invoice That Is Sent to the Patient

  • Automatically email and SMS invoice PDF
  • Custom branded invoice design
  • Custom branded email design
  • Invoice is stored in patient’s files

Unpaid Invoices Have a QR Code Patient Can Scan to Pay


Payment Reports

Custom Branded Payment Reports by Day, Week, Month or Custom Date Range

Net Profit Report

Net Profit Reports

This report calculates your gross sales minus your expenses to provide your net profits

Sales Report

Sales Reports

Sales reports include the city, zip code, patient count and total revenue per city


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