Verify MC Appointment Software Updates – 1/22/21

We have completely rebuilt the appointment system from the ground up and made some major improvements.

Check Out What’s New Below

Appointment Calendar Pages
View Appointments by month, week and day from one page with no loading delays.

Appointment List Pages
View Appointments in list form by month, week and day from one page with no loading delays.

Appointment Confirmation Email & SMS
Automatically send your patients an email and SMS to confirm their attendance.

  • Automatically sends appointment confirmation request to patients by email and SMS
  • Set delivery time to 24 or 48 hours before the appointment
  • Daily calendar shows if appointment is “Confirmed” or “Unconfirmed”
  • Edit the appointment confirmation email and SMS in Tools / Customization / Patient Emails & SMS

Appointment Confirmation Short Code Creates a Button in Emails

The “Confirm Attendance” button color is customizable to match your brand.

“Appointment Confirmed” Custom Branded Web Page

Patient Confirmation Label On Calendars
Your daily appointment calendars now include a label to show if the patient has confirmed their appointment by email or SMS.

Appointment Icon “Quick Link” Menu in Header
Quick access to your daily, weekly and monthly appointments, including your appointment totals per time range. Additional quick links include add appointment, patient check-in and appointment history.

Calendar Settings
Customize calendar entries with the information you want to view.

Reschedule Appointment Short Code and Custom Rescheduling Page
The new short code {RescheduleAppointment} can be added to appointment and confirmation emails and SMS messages. Patients can now easily click a link from their email that will enable them to reschedule their own appointments with no login and password needed thanks to Verify MC’s encrypted user “token”. The custom reschedule page features a  custom message with the patient’s name.

Appointment Calendar and List Design
We have completely redesigned the navigation elements, appointment entries and layout to be more clean, simple and easy to use.