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Intake Forms Show MMJ Qualifying Conditions for Your State Automatically

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“Smart Forms” Know Your State And Show the Latest Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Verify MC takes the stress out of creating your own patient intake forms. Our intake forms are full of features and include not only your state’s qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, but also a plethora of customization tools.

Drag and Drop Custom Form Builder For Adding Questions

Question Types
Text: Single row input field for entering text
Text Area: Multiple row input field for entering text
Radio Buttons: Allow only one option to be selected
Checkboxes: Allows one or more options to be selected
Drop Down: Allows only one option to be selected

Hundreds of Different Ways To Configure the Patient Intake Form

  • Customize general settings
  • Upload options (Drivers license, photo, medical records etc…)
  • Add custom disclaimers
  • Show and hide questions and sections
  • Add live chat support
  • Customize styling
  • Add analytics tracking code
  • Customize success page
  • And more

All Patient Intake Forms Automatically Generate a PDF That is Added to The Patient’s Profile

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