Quite a few folks who get started on the path to quitting marijuana experience bizarre and vivid dreams. Some say they are just incredibly odd and nonsensical and other describe them as nightmares but the prevalent aspect that quite a few who experience these kinds of dreaming quickly soon after they have stopped cigarette smoking pot is the clarity and vividity of these kinds of dreams which has astonished and typically fearful them.

I was contemplating on this and thinking if it has to do with marijuana and it is really effect on memory. Quite a few scientific studies have revealed that excessive utilization of marijuana can direct tom quick term memory decline and over a longer interval very long term memory decline as nicely as absent mindedness and a common lack of clarity.

How this one-way links to memory is that I was looking through up on how they believe that that dreams are a way for the brain to kind out your recollections when you are asleep leading to much better cognitive functions and much better clarity of memory.

It appears to me that the chemical processes in your entire body and brain that are going on when you smoke marijuana inhibit the functioning of memory and typically problem solving talents too. When we give up cigarette smoking marijuana and the entire body starts to thoroughly clean out the THC and other impurities then our brain starts enhancing its memory and functions all over again which potential customers to the vivid dreams as the brain furiously functions to restore the injury the pot has accomplished and probably they may well appear to be all the far more serious and apparent for the reason that it has been so very long since an ex addict has experienced these kinds of dreams.

On the other hand quite a few folks believe that in the symbolism of dreams and how they have indicating if you can interpret them and with marijuana being generally a psychological addiction there should be quite a few pent up emotions and issues just waiting around to arrive to the fore when a marijuana addict will become thoroughly clean of the drug and with themselves.

Maybe it is a combine of both equally with marijuana addiction inhibiting memory and brain purpose and the explanations for being addicted inhibiting folks from discovering the psychological problems that they deal with? In any situation I believe that that obtaining these kinds of drams really should not be anything to be fearful or frightened of but in its place to be embraced when quitting marijuana as it is of course a sign that anything is modifying and if you are dedicated you know that offering up weed is a change for the much better and so are your dreams!


Supply by Michael Porteous