Simple Yet Powerful 4-Step Video Chat Evaluation System

Patient Fills Form, Makes Payment, Video Chats With Doctor and Instantly Downloads a Recommendation & ID Card by SMS

  • Step 1 - Patient Form
  • Step 2 - Secure Payment
  • Step 3 - Video Chat
  • Step 4 - Success + Download

Step 1 - Patient Form + eSignature

  • Secure patient questionnaire form
  • Optimized for all PC, tablet & smartphone devices
  • eSignatures with date/time stamp and I.P. address
  • Automatic PDF generated for digital forms

Step 2 - Secure Payment

  • Secure SSL 256-bit encrypted payments
  • Coupon code system
  • Paypal and Stripe payment gateways
  • Transaction analytics

Step 3 - Video Chat

  • Secure physician to patient video chat
  • Nothing to download - Optimized for all devices
  • Real-time patient notes
  • Real-time patient approval system

Step 4 - Success + Download

  • Instant patient cannabis recommendations
  • Instant mobile patient ID cards via SMS
  • View physician info
  • Patient login and password

Additional Features

Instant Patient Recommendation Download

  • Patients can instantly download a cannabis recommendation
  • Includes web, QR and phone verification
  • Includes physician's digital signature
  • Customize colors, header image and text

Instant Patient Mobile ID Card Via SMS

  • Patients can instantly send an ID card to their phone
  • Includes web verification and physician signature
  • Includes patient photo
  • Customize colors

Instant Web Account Access for Patients

  • 24/7 online access for patients
  • Optimized for all PC's, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Fill out forms, manage appointments, view & pay invoices
  • View doctor info, contact physician and more

Sell Custom Patient ID Cards

  • Sell patient ID cards with patient evaluation
  • Includes physician signature and patient photo
  • Includes online verification
  • Customize patient ID card color

Dispensary Referral & Coupon System

  • Referring dispensary info and coupon code shown on telehealth success page, confirmation email and online portal
  • Include a physician evaluation discount code
  • Dispensary name, logo, website, map, phone and coupon
  • Send to phone feature for dispensary coupons

Evaluation Coupon System

  • Add unlimited coupon codes
  • Create coupons with percentage or fixed amount
  • Set expiration dates
  • Track coupon usage

Live Text & Video Chat Support

  • Embed any chat support widget
  • Use text, video or text and video chat support
  • Turn support on and off in admin

Seamless Integration With Patient Software

  • Patients connect seamlessly to the patient software
  • Add unlimited files, notes, appointments, invoices and more
  • Patients receive automatic expiration alerts


  • eSignature included on all patient forms
  • Sign name with mouse or touchscreen
  • Includes date/time stamp
  • Includes patients I.P. address

Automatic Form to PDF Generation

  • Digital forms automatically generate a PDF
  • Form PDF's automatically added to patient's files
  • PDFs include mandatory patient signature

Analytics & Reporting

  • Detailed transaction analytics
  • Geo-location analytics
  • Embed Google analytics or other reporting software

PayPal & Stripe Payment Gateways

  • Integrated with PayPal payment gateway
  • Integrated with Stripe payment gateway
  • Real-time payment processing

Optimized for all PC's, Tablets & Smartphones

  • Responsive HTML5 Bootstrap technology
  • Access software on any type or size device

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