MCI Software can help you increase patient renewal rates with automatic renewal reminders. A simple reminder can drastically increase patient renewal rates. Our solution automatically notifies each patient by email and optionally SMS the date of their expiration, your current renewal special, and how to setup an appointment.

Increase Your Renewal Rates With Automated Reminders

Have peace of mind knowing MCI's software is working for you everyday and automatically sending notifications out to your patients that are scheduled to expire. With MCI your patients will remain safe and that they will continue to renew services year after year.

Customize Reminders With Renewal Coupons & More

Our innovative platform includes email and SMS reminder customization so physicians can also insert custom messaging, coupons etc...

How Does it Work?

Renewal Alerts
  • Our software checks patient expiration dates everyday to assess who is expiring. When a patient is both 7 days and 1 day from expiring our software automatically emails and optionally sends and SMS reminder to the patient with information regarding renewal process, renewal coupons and any other information the physician has included.

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